Dr. Fadi Bacha

Anti-Aging Specialist & Board Certified Internist Located in Lexington, KY.

Who We Are

The Anti-Aging Institute is a state-of-the-art medical and wellness facility in Lexington, Kentucky. Led by renowned physician Dr. Fadi Bacha, the tight-knit team of highly skilled and accomplished health professionals at the Anti-Aging Institute work hard to maintain one of the most effective and paramount anti-aging programs available.

Patient health and wellbeing is a top priority for Dr. Bacha and his team, which is why they’re committed to on-going training and education, and why they strive to offer only the most advanced treatments, procedures, and cutting-edge technology.

Dr. Fadi Bacha

Fadi Bacha, MD is the founder and lead physician of the Anti-Aging Institute located in Lexington, Kentucky. His experience includes 30 years in internal medicine; 28 years in medical aesthetics; 16 years in venous care, and 10 years in anti-aging, integrative, and regenerative medicine.  Dr. Bacha is dedicated to helping patients from communities across the greater Lexington area achieve optimal health.

Through his extensive background as an internist , phlebologist, and anti-aging specialist, Dr. Bacha has developed an ever-increasing passion to help others look better, feel healthier, and lead healthier lives. He believes that his role as a medical expert is to provide his patients with the education, advice, and support they need to discover and achieve their own personal vision of excellent health.

Dr. Bacha completed his residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Kentucky Medical Center in Lexington. He’s triple board-certified in the following areas:

  • Internal Medicine, through the American Board of Internal Medicine
  • Diplomate in Vein and Lymphatic Medicine, through the American Board of Veins and Lymphatic
  • Anti-Aging Medicine, through the American Academy of Anti-Aging

Dr. Bacha is one of 412 national diplomats for the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine, formerly known as the American College of Phlebology. He earned his ARDMS certification for the reading and interpretation of vascular ultrasounds, and is a member of the Society of Vascular Ultrasound. For more than 10 years (from 2002-2013), Dr. Bacha served as Medical Director for 7 Urgent Treatment Centers in Central Kentucky.

In his personal life, Dr. Bacha is a dedicated husband and father who enjoys spending time with his family. He also likes to stay as physically active as possible — soccer and snow skiing are two favorite activities.