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What Are PRP Injections? 

PRP injections have been used to speed the healing of sports injuries for years. Orthopedists use the injections to treat a variety of conditions, including golf and tennis elbow, arthritis in the knee, and the shoulders. More recently, it’s proven just as remarkable in reducing wrinkles, regenerating skin, and reversing hair loss. Our clinic uses the highest quality PRP separation kit, that ensures sterility and purity. 

How Does It Work?

PRP injections require drawing a small amount of your blood. Dr. Bacha then places it into a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells from the plasma. In addition to extracting the plasma, Dr. Bacha places the plasma into the centrifuge once more to achieve an amazing concentration of platelets. This contains three to five times more platelets than normal blood, plus more growth factors, and active proteins. Next, Dr. Bacha will inject this super-healing substance directly into your wrinkles or other facial flaws. The PRP stimulates the production of new collagen, leading to diminished wrinkles and an overall healthier glow to your skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Areas Do PRP Injections Treat?

Hair Loss

Dr. Bacha injects platelet-rich plasma (PRP) into the scalp to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.

Tendon Injuries

Tendon ligaments are tough, thick bands of tissue that connect muscle to bone. They are usually slow to heal after an injury.

Acute Injuries

Dr. Bacha uses PRP injections to treat acute sports injuries, such as pulled hamstring muscles or knee sprains.

Postsurgical Repair

Dr. Bacha uses platelet-rich plasma therapy after surgery to repair a torn tendon or ligaments.

How Do You Prepare For PRP Injections?

There are a few steps in preparing for PRP injections. However, PRP can be injected in different ways. For example, sometimes Dr. Bacha applies a topical numbing lidocaine solution to your scalp before the injection. You may have to arrive early to a treatment session to apply it. Other times, a local anesthetic is mixed with the PRP to reduce any discomfort.

What Is The Recovery Time For PRP Injections?

Dr. Bacha recommends that you rest the affected area if the PRP treatments are used because of an injury. However, these recommendations are more related to the injury and less to the PRP injections. Most people can continue their daily activities because the healing process is quick.

Are PRP Injections Safe?

Yes, they are extremely safe. It’s safer than the cortisone injections orthopedists administer for joint pain. In fact, getting PRP injections is safer than many other cosmetic procedures, especially surgery. That’s because PRP uses your own blood, so there’s no risk of rejection or an allergic reaction. It’s also a fairly quick office procedure that does not entail downtime or anesthesia and is far less expensive and painful than surgery.

Does Insurance Cover The Treatment?

Unfortunately, no insurance company pays for plasma treatment. Like most of the procedures that are performed at the Anti-Aging Institute, these type of procedures are considered experimental and cutting edge; furthermore, the safety and efficacy of plasma-related procedures has not been established by the FDA. However, there have been several studies regarding the safety and efficacy of this type of treatment, along with plenty of testimonials on how safe and effective the procedure is.

Does The Anti-Aging Institute Offer Free Consultation?

All consultations at the Anti-Aging Institute are free of charge and there is no obligation. Here, at the Anti-Aging Institute, we believe in our vision and mission to help each and every patient achieve maximum benefits without any pressure to undergo any treatment they do not feel comfortable with.

Our consultations are done in a professional and confidential manner. Dr. Bacha will answer all questions and explain the procedure in detail along with risks and benefits. You will never be pressured to purchase or schedule any services.

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You can’t stop aging, but you can lessen its effects on your appearance. If you’re seeing unwanted signs of aging on your face, then it’s time to learn more about platelet-rich plasma therapy. Here at Anti-Aging Institute, Dr. Bacha is a great PRP injections specialist located in Lexington, KY.