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Hair loss can affect just your scalp or your entire body. Hair loss takes place when the cycle of growth and shedding is somehow disrupted. In other words, it happens when hair follicles are destroyed and replaced with scar tissue. While genetic predisposition is by far the most common cause of hair loss, hormonal changes, medical conditions, stress, nutritional deficiency, and certain medications can also trigger the condition.

Male-pattern baldness typically refers to excessive hair loss from your scalp. In fact, hereditary hair loss with age is the most common cause of baldness. Some people prefer to let their hair loss run its course untreated and un-hidden. Others may cover it up with hairstyles, makeup, hats, or scarves. However, others choose one of the treatments available to prevent further hair loss and to restore growth.

Recently PRP ( Plasma Rich Platelet) has been gaining large ground in the treatment of male type baldness. After the initial consultation, Dr. Bacha will discuss with you if you are a good candidate for PRP hair restoration treatment. The procedure starts with a scalp block to achieve total anesthesia to the treatment area. We usually take blood from the arm, and we use the highest quality and the purest PRP kit available (FDA approved for joint injections) to separate the platelet-rich plasma. Then, we inject the plasma around dying hair follicles, and the procedure is then completed by microneedling to the treatment area. The results have been amazing with high satisfaction. We can not treat an area that is completely bald. Therefore, time is the essence when it comes to hair loss. Consultation is free, please call us and let us know how we can help.


One of the best hair restoration procedures is platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP therapy). Dr. Bacha provides platelet-rich plasma therapy as a proactive therapeutic option for men and women patients who are experiencing bald areas. PRP therapy involves drawing a person’s own blood and putting it into a centrifuge that separates red blood cells from the plasma. The plasma, which contains growth factors, is then injected back into the person. PRP is for those who want to stimulate hair growth, but who have no interest in undergoing hair transplant procedures. Dr. Bacha injects the platelet-rich plasma into the patient’s hair follicles to help circulate blood. Moreover, PRP also contains other bioactive substances, including platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF), vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), transforming growth factor (TGF), and several other potentially beneficial bioactive proteins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Anti-Aging Institute For Hair Restoration? 

PRP therapy is an autologous treatment (meaning the therapeutic catalyst comes from the patient’s own body) with no potential for triggering a foreign-body immunologic response. Moreover, if your type of hair loss makes you a good candidate for PRP therapy, treatment will begin with an in-office blood draw. After your blood is drawn, it’s spun in a closed, sterile centrifuge machine to separate out the PRP. After you receive local anesthesia to make the treatment as comfortable as possible, Dr. Bacha will inject the PRP growth catalyst into your scalp. PRP therapy can typically begin at the time of your initial consultation, with subsequent treatments spaced 6 weeks apart. Six months after your first treatment, Dr. Bacha can assess your progress to see if any further treatments are necessary.

A small study trusted source with 39 participants found that those who had a total of four PRP injections had much better hair density and hair thickness than those who had two injections over a six-month period. Other small studies have shown the procedure has had high success rates in people with certain types of hair loss, namely those who experience baldness or hereditary hair thinning. The ideal candidates for PRP therapy are people who have existing hair but are thinning.

What To Know If You Want To Choose PRP As Your Hair Restoration Treatment?

The best way to explain a PRP treatment is like fertilizer for your hair follicles to help small or lazy hair grow to the best of its ability. PRP requires maintenance treatment, and it’s extremely safe and natural because it uses your own blood. People are surprised by how painless and simple the treatment really is. Moreover, unlike transplanted hair, people can go back to work, travel, and work out with very little interruption, which makes it easy to fit into any lifestyle.

Does Insurance Cover The Treatment?

Unfortunately, no insurance company pays for plasma treatment. Like most of the procedures that are performed at the Anti-Aging Institute, these type of procedures are considered experimental and cutting edge; furthermore, the safety and efficacy of plasma-related procedures has not been established by the FDA. However, there have been several studies regarding the safety and efficacy of this type of treatment, along with plenty of testimonials on how safe and effective the procedure is.

Does The Anti-Aging Institute Offer Free Consultation?

All consultations at the Anti-Aging Institute are free of charge and there is no obligation. Here, at the Anti-Aging Institute, we believe in our vision and mission to help each and every patient achieve maximum benefits without any pressure to undergo any treatment they do not feel comfortable with.

Our consultations are done in a professional and confidential manner. Dr. Bacha will answer all questions and explain the procedure in detail along with risks and benefits. You will never be pressured to purchase or schedule any services.

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When you think of hair loss, chances are male-pattern baldness is one of the first things that spring to mind. Although many men do experience balding as they age, hair loss can affect both genders, and it’s not always confined to the scalp. At the Anti-Aging Institute in Lexington, Kentucky, Dr. Fadi Bacha and his team of experts offer platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy as a hair restoration treatment to help patients enjoy a head of hair. Call us at (859) 274-0252 to schedule an appointment.