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What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative medicine is the practice of medicine that concentrates on the entire person and utilizes all suitable therapeutic methods, healthcare professionals, and disciplines to accomplish ideal healthy living and recovery. In addition, it combines state-of-the-art, conventional medical care treatments with other alternative therapies that are thoroughly chosen and shown to be efficient and safe throughout the healing process. The goal is to unite the very best that conventional medicine has to provide with other healing systems and treatments stemming from cultures and ideas, both old and new. Integrative medicine is based upon a model of health and wellness, instead of a model of the disease. Moreover, this model favors the use of low-tech, affordable interventions when possible. Traditional medicine usually treats symptoms most of the time with medication. Unfortunately, often time medication has a side effect and alters natural body mechanisms that often results in needing more medication to encounter those unwanted effects. For instance, high blood pressure medication can lead to fatigue, depression, and sexual dysfunction. Cholesterol medication like the Statin group can lead to muscle ache and liver dysfunction along with altering hormone levels in men and women. Functional and integrative medicine tries to identify the root of the disease and attempts to address reversible causes and minimizes the use of medication when possible.

What Kind of Integrative Medicine Services Does The Anti-Aging Institute Offer?

Integrative Nutrition Services

At Anti-Aging Institute located in Lexington, KY, we provide integrative nutrition services that address and resolve your health concerns by using the “food is medicine” approach. Dr. Bacha draws on his own comprehensive experience and education to determine how a personalized nutrition strategy can enhance your health and wellness.

Our integrative nutrition services are utilized to treat a particular health condition, manage weight healthfully, or to achieve ideal vitality through a wholesome diet plan. We understand that getting on the ideal path towards your health goals is a process that requires support, adjustment, and taking little steps to make enduring and positive changes.

Metabolic Disease

Anti-Aging Institute is the best center for integrative medicine in Lexington, KY, and the surrounding cities. Dr. Bacha integrates nutrition, lifestyle, appropriate supplementation, and innovative practice management techniques to address his patients with metabolic risks. Oftentimes, treating metabolic disorders can holistically bring back a patient’s mental and physical health. Restoring a patient’s metabolism back in balance is the initial step in the journey towards health and wellness. Our approach differs based on each individual’s conditions.

Diabetes / Weight Management

At Anti-Aging Institute, we are proud to offer our weight management services to help our patients enhance their physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Weight-loss goals can mean the difference between success and failure. Realistic, well-planned weight-loss goals keep you focused and motivated. They provide a plan for change as you think about and transition into your healthy lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens During an Integrative Medicine Appointment?

Dr. Bacha takes the time to get to know you as a person and understand your current symptoms and goals. In fact, this includes learning about lifestyle, previous and current health, nutrition, exercise, sleep, and more. Dr. Bacha might also run comprehensive laboratory tests that are beyond what patients are typically screened for at their primary care doctor. This helps Dr. Bacha to gather and form a thorough and complete understanding of your health as a whole.


Patients and practitioners work as a team to formulate a personalized plan of treatment that aligns with the patient’s health goals and concerns. Dr. Bacha will identify areas of improvement based on lab results and the comprehensive interview. Here, at the Anti-Aging Institute, we formulate a plan that’s monitored by Dr. Bacha to ensure a successful implementation of the new adjustments and treatment plan into the patient’s life.


Does Insurance Cover The Treatment?

Unfortunately, at the Anti-Aging Institute, we do not file with a health insurance carrier. Visits are based on time; this will allow us to better serve your needs and address all of your concerns without being pressed for time. However, a health savings account can be used to pay for any services provided at the Anti-Aging Institute.

Does The Anti-Aging Institute Offer Free Consultation?

All consultations at the Anti-Aging Institute are for free and there is no obligation. Here, at the Anti-Aging Institute, we believe in our vision and mission to help each and every patient achieve maximum benefits without any pressure to undergo any treatment they do not feel comfortable with.

Our consultations are done in a professional and confidential manner. Dr. Bacha will answer all questions and explain the procedure in detail along with risks and benefits. You will never be pressured to purchase or schedule any services.

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Integrative medicine aims to heal the whole person, rather than isolated symptoms. Fadi Bacha, M.D. practices integrative and internal medicine at Anti-Aging Insitute located in Lexington, KY. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.